Sell Your Specialty, Not Your Law Firm (Part A)

When consumers are looking for a specific product or a service, they'll search directly for that need. Whether it's a new lawnmower or a competent exterminator, consumers know what they're looking for and will start with the basics.

In the case of hiring a lawyer, your client most likely doesn't have a good idea of how to spot the good from the bad. Legal marketing has become fairly generic in that all ads talk about practice areas, experience, and free consultations. The best way to distinguish yourself from these vanilla ads is by creating a unique hook for your practice. 

People Are Bad With Names

You hear it all the time, people say they're bad with names when they encounter someone they've met before but just can't recall their name. It's true, and it applies to lawyer advertising, as well. In most cases it's in one ear and out the other when you see advertising for professional services. Unless there's a company with a cute mascot, memorable slogan, or catchy jingle that's caught your fancy, you're probably going to just head to the Internet or Yellow Pages next time you need an exterminator.

The goal with lawyer advertising is to create that memorable something that stands out more than just your name.
I once came across a lawyer whose legal marketing strategy was to brand himself as "the lawyer who loves the color red" - and it worked. He had red pens, wore red clothes (when appropriate) - even his office upholstery was red.

I don't remember this lawyer's name, but I knew where to find him - just look for the big red sign.

Don't Waste Your Lawyer Advertising Space

Here's a short list of the phrases you should never waste your precious ad space on when developing your legal marketing: 

  • "Compassionate", "We will fight for you," etc. - These should be no-brainers.
  • "We take cases to trial" - Even though not all lawyers do (you'd be amazed at how many actually don't), your clients assume all lawyers already do this.
  • "Call now" - Pressuring your client is just going to make you look like one of those hurried, "ambulance-chaser" lawyers. They know what they need to do if they want to hire you.
  • "You may be entitled to cash for your accident" - Another sleazy phrase, and it's obvious they're probably entitled to cash or they wouldn't be looking for legal representation in the first place! 

These are phrases you see in all sorts of typical lawyer advertising. They don't distinguish you from the others, and they don't say anything that would help your client remember you.

Keep reading to learn more about how your client searches and how memorable gimmicks can give your legal marketing an extra punch.

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