Developing Your Unique Selling Proposition (Part A)

The goal in your lawyer advertising is to stand apart from all the other ads out there, all saying the same basic thing:

"I'm a good lawyer. You need legal help. Hire me."

That's essentially the same message every lawyer is sending, because that's what you've been lead to believe clients are looking for. And you're dead wrong.

What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

The frontrunners of any class of goods or services always have something unique to set them apart from the competition. The concept of promotions stemmed from this fact; companies try to set themselves apart from their competition by offering something the other companies can't or won't.

Nowadays every lawyer advertising piece out there is pretty much yelling that they offer free consultations and they care about a client's case. To break off from these stale marketing tactics, you need to have a unique selling proposition (USP) to set you apart from all the other lawyers in your area.

Your USP is not the single solution to getting a new client, rather it's the first step in your lawyer advertising to convert a viewer into a client. Your unique selling proposition should attract their attention to lead them into wanting to learn more. It should lead them to a contact form, a phone number, or a website to allow them access to everything your legal marketing has to offer.

Discovering Your Unique Selling Proposition

Back in grade school they told us everybody is special, and it's true. You have something unique about you that no other lawyer in your area can claim to have. It doesn't even have to be law related; you have a life outside the law firm. You may have even had former professions that distinguish you from the rest.

Are you an avid motorcyclist? Did you once compete in professional gymnastics? Do you have a horse farm? These are all unique, interesting facts about you that can be made into a great unique selling proposition for your lawyer advertising.  If you can tie your hobby into your practice areas, this is particularly helpful in your quest to become the legal guru in your local market.

Once you develop your unique selling proposition you need to use it effectively in your lawyer advertising. Read on to learn about proper use of your USP and how it can work its way into all your lawyer advertising.

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