What Fundraising Teaches Us About Legal Marketing (Part B)

Be There When and Where Your Clients Need You The Most

I saw a very effective drunk driving campaign put on by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) a few years ago. They had pictures of forlorn family members who had lost loved ones in drunk driving accidents along with facts and messages about the dangers of DUI. These posters ended up posted above bathroom stalls in bars across the U.S. Why was this so effective? The message was posted in places where potential DUI offenders were most likely to be.

If you're a DUI defense attorney, you may want to consider this as your new legal marketing venue. Chances are, your ideal clients were at a bar prior to their arrest, and probably had to use the bathroom at one point. Your message should be a reminder of the dangers of DUI and also a reminder that if they should get wrongfully accused of DUI, you're the lawyer to call. They even sell fancy poster setups with business card holders attached for this very type of advertising.

When you're considering your target audience in your legal marketing plan, consider where they're most likely to be when looking for legal services. In the case of the DUI defense attorney, their typical client may frequent bars, so that's a logical place to explore placing your lawyer advertising. Personal injury attorneys may want to explore the option of having their business cards on the desk at emergency care facilities, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

We're Always on the Go, Your Lawyer Advertising Should Be Too

We live in a fast-paced society where consumers don't really have a lot of free time to explore all their options when making a big decision such as hiring an attorney. That's why we have to make our legal marketing messages short and clear from the get-go. Our blogs must be catchy and to the point, our articles easy to read in short spans, and our newsletters relevant to keep our precious attention.

If your lawyer advertising can hit your clients with a quick, effective message that's enough to draw their interest, the rest of your legal marketing methods can kick in to seal the deal. Get your basic information into their hand - who you are (an attorney), what you do (your practice area), and how to find out more (contact info, order your guide). If you can get your basic information to them quickly, you invite them to invest some of their precious time into exploring what you have to offer.

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