Legal Marketing…There’s an App For That!

Imagine a potential client who needs help.

You are a personal injury lawyer, and your potential client just had an accident. He is sitting in his car and he's not sure what to do. He doesn't have his computer, but he does have an iPhone. He opens the app search and types in car crash. When he sees that there is a car crash emergency app, he breathes a sigh of relief. Now he knows what to do.

Smartphone apps are an easy way to increase your law firm's visibility and help potential clients in a unique and memorable way. The right app can build your reputation as an expert and become a valuable legal marketing tool.

More than 72 million Americans are using smartphones, and nearly every type of law firm can provide an app that is helpful to their clients. We have ideas.

Personal Injury: Ben Glass offers his clients an internet app to help them gather and organize information after a car accident. Similar apps can be designed for other types of injury. A family medical information app may be useful both before and after an accident.

Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy lawyers can offer budgeting apps or credit repair apps. A client considering bankruptcy may find an app that helps him list his assets and debts to be useful.

Family Law: There aren't a lot of apps that deal with divorce. An app that could help children understand and cope with divorce would be welcomed by parents. An app that added a visitation schedule may be useful to potential clients dealing with child custody issues.

DUI Law: Consider an app to help drivers determine if they have had too much to drink. A BAC calculator, drink tracker or sobriety test game can provide your information to those who need it most.

Probate, Trust, or Estate Law: An estate planning app could provide information about trusts and wills or could create a checklist of documents every adult should consider.

There is a smartphone app for every law firm; you just need a little creativity.

Great Legal Marketing offers tips that are tailored to your firm. We have legal marketing plans for personal injury lawyers, bankruptcy attorneys, family law attorneys, DUI defense lawyers, and probate, trust or estate law firms. To learn more, contact Great Legal Marketing at 703-591-9829.

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