Use Books to Market Your Law Firm and/or Small Business

Marketing your law firm and/or small business can be a tricky business.  Using books may be the answer to your problems.  Great Legal Marketing wants to help you with marketing your law firm and/or small business by providing you with this and many other strategies.

Ben Glass: The book is the single greatest business card had ever invented by men. I mean if you think about it-if you want to learn something new, you go into Borders or you go in, you find a book and you'll say, "Well, this person must be an authority on this subject." People who write books are perceived to be authorities.

Interviewer: Isn't writing a book a huge undertaking? I mean I know you've written four or five of them sitting here. But isn't it daunting for most people to even begin to think about that process?

Ben: It used to be. Today, in the world of ‘On-Demand Publishing,' I could go from an idea to a book in about 60 days, 70 days. Lawyers who joined our coaching and mastermind program get my books and the books of other lawyers in those programs as models and what we want you to do is not steal word for word but take a book, understand what it's about, and make it your own for your practice area in your state.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.