Client Testimonials are a Lawyer’s Best Friend (Part B)

Putting Your Client Testimonials To Use

So now you've got a handful of paragraphs singing your legal expertise praises, what do you do with them? The most common use of client testimonials within your legal marketing plan is to create a client testimonial page on your website. Here your potential clients can read through the experiences of others and see how great you made your past clients feel about their cases.

Some lawyers have created entire books filled with nothing but client testimonials as part of their legal marketing. It's a great additional piece to include in your information packs - when a client requests more information on your practice area, you send them not only details on their potential case, but also proof from others that you're a great lawyer.

You can also pepper your client testimonials in your other lawyer advertising, like Yellow Pages ads or videos. Short 1-sentence lines can appear in your Yellow Pages or other printed ads. Longer client testimonials can be used within your videos, either read by a voice actor, or even better, by the client themselves. If you can get an actual client to give their testimonial on video, that's worth its weight in gold for legal marketing.

Why Client Testimonials Work for Legal Marketing

No lawyer in their right mind is going to admit their flaws to a potential client. If asked how well they serve their clients, of course they'll say they're a great lawyer and treat their clients with respect and care. That's your legal marketing talking; you need to sell yourself at all times as the best lawyer your potential client can find.

You can expect a lawyer to tell you about all their great cases, but a former client usually only has one experience. If that experience was good enough to brag about to others in a client testimonial, it had to be quality service. Your clients are going to expect to hear great things about your law firm from your mouth, but hearing your good story from someone else is real legal marketing success.

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