The Right Words Make a Big Difference in Your Law Firm’s Marketing Campaign

Now that you have begun creating interesting content for your online law firm marketing, you are probably wondering how effective your blogs and articles will be in attracting new customers. The answer is two-fold: your customers have to find the articles relevant and engaging, and your content must be optimized for your ideal customers to find you via online search.

Many attorneys find the second part of this equation difficult, but there are a few hard-and-fast rules of search engine optimization that can keep you on track. For instance, here are a few tips on the correct use of:Selecting the right keywords for your online marketing campaign.

  • Keywords. If you’re a bankruptcy attorney in Manhattan, you’re probably using at least those three keywords all over your site. However, while the terms “bankruptcy,” “attorney” and “Manhattan” will produce huge numbers of results in Google, it is unlikely that your page will be featured. You need to pack your keywords together to form specific, highly-targeted phrases to attract the readers you want.
  • Key phrases. Generally speaking, the most popular keywords for your firm identify who you are and what you do. You will get a much better search rating using key phrases that relate to your business, such as “Manhattan bankruptcy law firm” and “Chapter 11 help in Manhattan.” This will narrow the field, producing a small, targeted group of listings, sending you the highest-quality prospects.
  • Long-tail keywords. Once you have integrated these basic key phrases into your content, you can begin selecting ultra-specific key phrases, known as long-tail keywords. These are phrases that are far less popular (maybe only a few hundred searches), but when people do search them, they are likely to find your site much more quickly. Pick a few phrases that relate to your practice, such as “declaring bankruptcy to save a small business” or “keep my apartment in Manhattan bankruptcy” and write an article or page that is optimized for that key phrase.

The important thing to remember when optimizing your legal website for search engines is to strike a balance between popularity and specificity. With a little creativity, you can get your ideal customers to your site in a matter of a few easy clicks, increasing your traffic with every new hit.

Ben Glass
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