Using Video in Lawyer Marketing: Help Clients, Help Yourself

Chances are, as part of your legal practice you have come across issues directly affecting your clients that they have very little knowledge about. By creating a legal marketing video to raise awareness of these issues, you will not only help your clients, you will also help yourself. If the issue is important, it will create a buzz and drive traffic to your website. This increases your law firm’s reach to a wider number of potential clients.


A good example of an issue important to clients is the fact that many insurance agents do not understand the need for uninsured motorist coverage, nor do they take the time to explain its importance to their customers. Far too many people are involved in accidents with uninsured motorists and only discover that they do not have this coverage in place until it is too late. Some never even knew that it was available to them.


Creating a video that addresses this issue has the following benefits:


  • Raises awareness about the need for uninsured motorist coverage

  • Potentially reduces the risk of a client suffering extensive financial damages through involvement in an accident with a motorist who does not have insurance or other financial means to pay for the client’s medical bills and pain and suffering

  • Builds trust and respect from potential clients

  • It costs very little

  • It takes very little time to create

  • If the video is important and enticing enough, it will create traffic to your website

  • If the video is popular, it can improve your Google search rankings


The end result is an effective lawyer marketing tool for your law firm that simultaneously serves a noble purpose. Your clients will trust and respect you and come to understand that you truly are looking out for their best interests. Contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing for assistance in creating your law firm videos and other law firm marketing strategies. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829 for more information.

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