Honing Your Practice: How to Zero in on Your Law Firm’s Geographic Area

Your website is up and running. Your links are up, keywords in place, and you’re waiting for the clients to start pouring in. You Google “Kentucky attorney” to bask in the wonder of your website…only to discover it’s nowhere to be found. What gives?

How to geo-target your online marketing campaign.Your geolocations play a huge role in your law firm’s web marketing campaign. Starting with your state is fine, but it’s just that: a start. If you want to be a celebrity lawyer, you have to work from the inside out. Successful businesses start locally, expanding only when they have established themselves as a mainstay in the community. Likewise, you can’t become Kentucky’s biggest attorney simply by using “Kentucky” in your keyword terms; you have to vary your content by including all areas, building your practice in the minds of your ideal clients.

When choosing geographic keywords for marketing, try to hone in on a few of these areas:

  • Cities. Your practice may be based in Philadelphia or Houston, but its up to you how far you are willing to travel.Consider which cities or counties your ideal clients live in; your content should be focused on drawing them in.
  • Neighborhoods and boroughs. Including neighborhoods, such as Tribeca, Bronx, or Brooklyn, will help you create a geographic niche by customizing your site to your preferred clients.
  • Points of interest. Geo-targeting doesn’t end with residential areas. Including the names of universities, shopping centers, or public parks will show that you are part of the community and may hit on a reader’s specific search (such as a “slip and fall at Georgetown Park”).
  • Geographic regions. Many states are so large that people will automatically adjust their search terms while looking for information. A “southern Michigan” or “western Pennsylvania” search term will point them toward you first.

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