Three Ways Reading an Old Newspaper Will Bring More Readers to Your Legal Blog

You’ve heard it before: print is dead. News stories, magazines, and even books are being read online, so reading print media tips for online legal marketing is nothing more than a waste of time.How you can use tricks from old formats in your legal marketing.

Or, so you thought. You may not realize it, but the rules of newspaper journalism are still used today in online media. A well-optimized piece will still include fast information and follow up with more details, as well as providing updates to the breaking story via hyperlinks.

Here are just three time-tested ways to improve the readability and functionality of your lawyer marketing blog:

  • Above the (virtual) fold. In newspaper parlance, most important news stories are placed “above the fold” on the front page to grab attention. Both readers and search engines have been taught to look for the most important information within the first few sentences of your pages, so it is vital that you place your key phrases here.
  • EXTRA! EXTRA! Headlines are always the most important factor in grabbing a reader’s attention, but they also play a critical role in optimization. They have to read naturally and pique a reader’s curiosity, but they also must contain keywords relevant to the content on that page.
  • Bold text = linked text. You have probably read many magazine articles that have “pull quotes,” or blocks of text that have been blown up to catch the reader’s eye. Any text that has been enlarged, bolded, italicized, or highlighted carries extra weight. This is the same level of importance that anchor text (hyperlinked phrases) have online, and readers will be especially receptive to them. Make sure your links are keyword-rich and pointed to a landing page that directly matches the key phrase used—search engines will notice if there is a discrepancy.
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