Online Video And Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

In the eyes of perspective clients, the options for finding legal representation for their personal injury case can look pretty similar. Every lawyer has a website, every lawyer went to law school, and every lawyer passed the bar exam. To someone who isn’t a member of your family or your immediate competitor, every lawyer can look an awful lot like every other lawyer.

So how do you stay on the cutting edge of marketing? How can you distinguish yourself? Let’s answer that with another question: How much time have you spent on YouTube today?Online Video and Law Firm Marketing Image

The explosion of online lawyer videos in recent months is just the beginning. Video marketing is effective on several layers. It can help build relationships with new clients before they even put their hand on the phone. How?
  • Viewers get to know YOU. A video is the next best thing to meeting someone in person, and that’s the prime appeal of video attorney marketing. Viewers see you, hear your voice, and connect with you as an expert in the area where they need help. They’ll come in to your practice feeling as if they already know you. An added bonus to video is that clients can get a sense of you and your practice without any sense of obligation.
  • Value. By explaining aspects of their case in a well-made, easy-to-understand video, you’re giving clients useful information that will make your first consultation more productive, while establishing you as an authority on personal injury lawsuits in one step.
  • Brand recognition. People will frequently return to blogs or YouTube channels where they found content they valued. Videos add the additional layer of acquainting viewers with your particular voice and mannerisms. You may even get recognized out on the street!
  • Context. All through your career, you’ve cultivated a certain sense of confidence and style. Video law firm marketing allows viewers to see the energy you convey in person, something you can’t do through text.
  • Cost effectiveness. A video costs the same to produce and post online if it’s available for a week or two years, and whether it’s viewed 1,000 or 100,000 times.

More and more lawyers are realizing the potential of video marketing all the time. What are you waiting for? Start building your online video marketing campaign now, before you’re left behind!

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