Ghost Writers: From Celebrity Memoirs to Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Many people have heard the term "ghost writer" and immediately associate it with celebrities who publish autobiographies or memoires about their life experiences. It is a common misconception that this is the only use for a professional ghost writer. There is also a widespread belief that only the famous and wealthy can take advantage of this helpful service. When it comes to law firm marketing, attorneys can learn from the advertising strategies used in Hollywood.


What is a ghost writer?

A ghost writer is an individual hired to write content on behalf of the law firm. The attorney typically choses or suggests topics that are relevant to the firm's clientele and then turns it over to the ghost writer to produce the written material. The content is then edited according to the attorney's preferences and published under the law firm's name.


How can a great ghost writer improve my law firm marketing?

Effective legal writing educates potential clients and provides answers to common questions. Written content, including articles, news, blog posts, and legal guides, is an excellent way to connect with potential clients and showcase the strengths of the firm. Legal marketing strategies can utilize professional ghost writers to improve the frequency and quality of that content. Below is a list of some of the advantages of using a ghost writer as part of a law firm marketing plan.


  • Using a ghost writer allows for the lawyer to concentrate on fee generating work without sacrificing the written aspect of the legal marketing strategy.

  • Using a ghost writer saves the attorney the hassle of researching and writing new content.

  • Using a ghost writer allows for the law firm to choose the topics and personalize the content, while leaving the technical writing to be performed by a professional, skilled writer.

  • Using a ghost writer takes advantage of the professional's highly specialized training in writing unique, quality content that maximizes search engine optimization.


Celebrities become famous when they become a household name. The individual becomes synonymous with something in the minds of the public, with some celebrities becoming so famous that they are recognizable by only their first names. Law firm marketing strategists can borrow from the time tested successful techniques utilized by celebrities to build their client lists. Presenting unique, interesting, and memorable content on a frequent basis will allow the law firm to create a presence in the minds of potential clients. The firm's name will become synonymous with knowledgeable and trusted legal services. Employing a ghost writer allows for the attorney to focus on practicing law while the writer focuses on producing professional quality content.


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