Foundational Principles of Marketing (Part 2)

A solid legal marketing foundation is critical to your marketing strategy. By understanding what is at the foundation of your lawyer marketing strategy you can build upon the basic principles to create a complex and highly effective campaign that meets your goals.

However, first you must understand the principles underlying your attorney marketing campaign. After helping many lawyers break out of the rut of typical legal marketing, we have found that the foundations of legal marketing have three components.

Your marketing strategy must be designed to:

  • Attract Potential Clients. You need to think outside of the box and consider how to attract the attention of someone who visits your website or sees another form of your marketing.
  • Interest Those Whom You Attract. Once you've caught their attention, you have to keep it. If you are boring or if you talk only about yourself and not about how you can help prospective clients, then your visitors are going to lose interest very quickly.
  • Prove That You are the Attorney they Should Call. Once you've kept prospective clients around long enough to interest them, you need to close the deal and establish yourself as the expert that they simply can't live without. For example, you can offer free videos, author a free e-book, or provide relevant segments you've done for the media.

The legal marketing arena is changing - and it is changing rapidly. If you don't change with it, you will be left behind.

The time to protect your greatest investment - your law firm - is now. You can be in control of your own destiny as long as you understand and implement the foundations of law firm marketing.

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