Legal Marketing With Web Video: Not just For Young People

I recently saw a unique sign posted on a door in a Northern Virginia suburban neighborhood. It said "No soliciting. If I wanted my gutters cleaned, roof inspected, trees trimmed, security system updated, or a newspaper subscription, I would compare reviews online, choose a service, and then make a phone call." The forty-something woman who posted the sign says she has found it remarkably effective.

For many Americans, the internet has replaced the Yellow Pages. A simple search provides listings of local businesses complete with ratings and websites. The impression your business makes immediately after that first click determines whether you get the phone call. Using web video as part of your legal marketing campaign gives you a unique opportunity to make an immediate and powerful first impression.

If you are considering using web video as part of your legal marketing campaign, you may have been wondering if web video is an effective use of your limited lawyer marketing dollars. You may have been asking yourself, "Who watches web video? Will I only reach young people? Would it be better to wait till next year?"

According to Comscore, a web analytics company, 75% of the U.S. internet audience of 245,000,000 watched more than 10 billion videos in July. That's a lot of viewing.

In fact, over the past several years both internet use and video viewing on the web have become more prevalent. Here are some statistics.

Who watches web video?

  • Percentage of Americans who use the internet: 80%

  • Percentage of Americans who watch web video: 60%

  • Males who watch web video: 63%

  • Females: 51%

  • Age 18-29: 76%

  • Age 30-49: 57%

  • Age 50-64: 46%

  • Age 65+: 39%

  • Nearly 64% of college graduates watch web video.

Here are four more reasons why you should consider web video as part of your legal marketing campaign:

  1. A video adds a personal touch to your website and can help build trust before you've ever met with the client.

  2. A well-made video allows you to showcase your practice and your qualifications.

  3. Video is a great way to share testimonials and endorsements.

  4. It is faster to watch a two-minute video than to scroll through pages of text.

  5. About 50% of those who watch videos share those videos with others through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

If your competition is still using the Yellow Pages, web video will put you ahead of the pack. For more information about effective web marketing for attorneys, contact Great Legal Marketing at 703-591-9829.

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