Working with attorney marketing keyword phrases on your small law firm’s website is a continual improvement process.

Determining the best keyword phrases for your personal injury attorney website and optimizing your content with them is not something “solved” permanently and all at once. Rather, it’s a task you will be continually evaluating and adjusting as you move forward.

Getting the feedback you need
Obviously, if the launch of your new marketing campaign resulted in several new contacts, you’re doing something right! It’s still possible that you haven’t been seeing as good a conversion rate as you could be, and tweaking the language on your website could help with that. In order to do that successfully, you need feedback. So where can you find feedback, and how do you put that feedback to good use?

  • Website reports offer a variety of useful information, like visitor count hits and most frequently visited pages. You can also see first hand what search strings were used to pull up your pages on your website. If you notice that certain articles or reports are generating a lot of interest, you can create more articles and reports on that topic or complementary ones.
  • Existing clients are a treasure trove of resources for any aspect of marketing, and keyword phrase optimization is no exception. Talk to them about what search terms they used when searching for legal services, particularly yours. Find out what drew them to your website, specifically—what got your firm on their radar.
  • Online research tools can be used to evaluate your existing site and also offer several continual improvement tools, though there is a cost associated with many of them. Check out Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and WebPostion for more information.

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