5 Tips for Making Videos Part of Your Law Firm Marketing Strategy

These days video marketing is an integral part of any sophisticated marketing strategy for a law firm. However, many attorneys do not take advantage of this medium. 

If you really want to dominate your market, show up higher in search engine results, and make a real impression on potential clients, you should make video marketing a high-priority. 

To help you stand out and be successful right away, here are five tips for making videos part of your law firm marketing strategy. 

  1. Start by answering the questions that your potential clients may have. This is key to showing up higher in search engine results. You can create videos that address the specific issues your potential clients may have. 
  2. Don't try to be anyone else besides you when you shoot video. You will come across as disingenuous and stiff. Even if you see a strategy that another attorney is using for their videos, you should still try to make it your own within the boundaries of your own personality. (Don't mistake this for being boring. You are not a boring person, and you have interesting stories to tell. You just have to relax and be the person that is already attracting clients.) 
  3. Start immediately. Did you know that in iPhone can serve as a single unit video studio? Some of our top members have shot incredible videos on smart phones. They can even edit those videos directly on their phones with a variety of apps. Considering the fact that you are probably surrounded by people who have this kind of technology available to them, There is no excuse not to get started. 
  4. Actively promote your videos. You don't want to just launch videos out onto YouTube and then not give them some support. Make sure that you have properly optimized the headlines and descriptions. Share the videos on social media and get a URL that redirects to your YouTube channel which you can use in print marketing. 
  5. You will probably hear from a lot of video people that you should keep all your videos online short (many say they should only be 60 to 120 seconds), but the reality is that if you have really good information to share, you will be able to keep a captive audience for much longer than that. One of our most successful videos at BenGlassLaw is nearly 13 minutes long and addresses the so called "settlement formula" that people hear about.

You see, shooting videos is not that hard, and you can probably hire a local college student (or even a high school student) to help you edit your videos, which is the most difficult part. These days, one of our greatest leverage points is shooting video since we can shoot up to 20 videos over the course of a single hour. So we can then generate a ton of content which will be repurposed as articles and potentially free reports.

Charley Mann
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Charley is the Chief Marketing Officer at Great Legal Marketing and believes in results, Results, RESULTS!