Be Prepared for Flack If You Market Yourself in an Innovative Way

There's no way around it: we live under an economic system—capitalism—that generates almost as much envy and resentment as it does success. If you manage to break free from the “groupthink” of the legal community and market your services in a novel and effective way, thus attracting more clients and increasing your wealth, other people will chastise you for it. They won't baldly state that they're envious of your success; rather, they'll claim that you somehow “cheated” by doing things differently!

It's Inevitable: Some Colleagues Will Resent Your Success

In an ideal world, lawyers would cheer each other on as they struggle to attract paying clients and make a name for themselves in the world. In real life, though, people who think “outside the box” with their marketing efforts attract a fair amount of scorn. After all, wasn't everyone taught in law school that you have to:

  • Accept every client who walks through the door, no questions asked
  • Work 70- or 80-hour weeks in order not to disappoint clients
  • Market yourself in certain media only, and only according to certain strictures
  • Not “show up” other lawyers by comparing yourself favorably to them
  • Invest all your money in expanding your business, rather than enjoying your life

Your success will create envy among other attorneys.Granted, to a certain extent, these received notions are true, especially if you're a newly minted law-school graduate who is just setting up your practice. You do have to work 70- to 80-hour weeks early on, and you are pretty much obliged to represent everyone who walks through your door (since there probably won't be that many people walking through your door in the first place). But if you're still pursuing these practices 10 or 20 years into your law career, you need to change your thinking—and accept the possibility that you may shed some old friends along with your old attitude.

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