“Random Choice” and “Monkey See, Monkey Do” Are Ineffective Marketing Strategies

You probably won't hear “RC” and “MSMD” marketing strategies hyped at industry conferences or in the popular media, for a simple reason: “RC” stands for “random chance,” and “MSMD” stands for “monkey see, monkey do.” These are, in fact, the two law firm marketing strategies most commonly utilized by naive or inexperienced lawyers, and they will have exactly zero effect on the growth of your law practice!

Want to Grow Your Practice? You Need to Change Your Marketing Approach

Why are “random choice” and “monkey see, monkey do” such ineffective marketing strategies? Here's a brief explanation.

“Random choice” marketing is exactly what it sounds like: you're sitting in your office one day, working on behalf of your clients, when you receive a phone call from a Yellow Pages sales rep or an SEO marketing firm, offering you the chance to buy a print ad or launch a new website from a specially designed, “guaranteed to succeed” template. What do you have to lose? You agree to the deal and sigh with relief that your marketing goals have been accomplished for that month (or even for the entire year).

“Monkey see, monkey do” marketing is when you look at what the other lawyers in your area are doing to attract business, and you do the same—whether that means shooting a TV commercial, buying billboard space at a busy intersection, or even handing out free tchotchkes during rush hour. The trouble is, you have no idea if these marketing efforts are actually attracting prospective clients to your competitors—so you may just as well be imitating failure as success, and throwing your hard-earned money away. The key is looking at what your competitors are doing, and do something different.Avoid copying marketing campaigns from other attorneys, they probably never worked in the first place.

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At Great Legal Marketing, we know that throwing darts at a dartboard, or making decisions based on the moves of your competitors, are not effective ways to promote and grow your law practice: you need a proactive, original, and carefully planned approach.

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