Want to Be Successful? Break Away from Traditional Attorney Marketing

Regardless of how talented an attorney may be, legal marketing is the key to running a profitable business over the long term. Unfortunately, too many lawyers fall into the trap of utilizing the same traditional law firm marketing techniques that do nothing to set them apart from the crowd. Clients today have their choice of countless qualified legal professionals at their disposal, with more graduating from law school every year. Failing to separate from this crowd is a recipe for failure for any attorney.

What can a lawyer do to form a more successful, modern legal marketing strategy? The following is a guide with helpful information.
  • Always remember that law is an extremely competitive business. While completing law school and passing a state bar exam are challenging endeavors that require a significant investment of both time and money, there are still thousands of other individuals who hold the same credentials. Too many lawyers think that earning the title of “J.D.” is enough to draw clients through their doors.
  • Consider that the vast majority of attorneys all choose to market the same way. These include the traditional marketing techniques of purchasing ad space in phone books, on legal search websites, and in legal directories. Unfortunately, just because a large number of other people are doing something does not mean that it is the right thing for building a successful law practice.
  • Understand that many forms of traditional legal marketing are so ineffective that they can actually be harmful. Investing in advertisements that do nothing to separate the firm is a waste of a law firm’s various resources.
  • Realize that copying the strategies of other lawyers automatically makes an attorney blend into the crowd. This point is rather straight forward. By following the traditional legal marketing techniques also utilized by most other attorneys, the law firm is unable to stand out.
  • Observe that the most successful small businesses are run by entrepreneurs, talented at marketing their businesses. There is no reason that attorneys should put any less effort into marketing their law firms.
  • Avoid random chance marketing at all costs. This type of message says what every other traditional legal marketing ad will state, such as “I’m a lawyer, I care, and I offer free consultations.” 
  • Understand that it takes real effort to move away from what is comfortable.
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