The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Don't Spend Their Time Foolishly

If you're like the typical lawyer, you probably come home after a long day of work, eat dinner, watch NCIS or Two and a Half Men on TV, and then lull yourself to sleep with the latest crime thriller or a round of Minecraft on your laptop. There's nothing wrong with kicking back and relaxing, of course, but the fact remains that the most successful entrepreneurs (including lawyers) spend their leisure time learning new and useful things, not watching the boob tube or playing games!

The Best Business People Constantly Absorb Information

What do successful entrepreneurs do instead of watching prime-time TV, surfing the web, or reading trashy thrillers? Well, they:

  • Read as many new publications as they can get hold of—The New York Times, the Washington Post, magazines like the Atlantic—and if they do watch TV, they tune in to “hard” news channels like MSNBC or CNN.
  • Read the latest books about business strategy and economic trends, with an eye toward catching the next big wave before their competitors do (or weighing the evidence for or against this putative wave before making any decisions).
  • Attend conferences, lectures, and cocktail parties devoted to subjects they're genuinely interested in, and from which they hope to learn valuable nuggets of information or meet prospective clients.
  • Use your time more effectivley to build your law practice.Sample more challenging fare, when they're in the mood to relax and not think about work. Classical music, crossword puzzles, or an intricately plotted TV show or movie can all do wonders stimulating the brain.

If You Want to Be Successful, You Have to Spend Your Leisure Time Successfully

There's nothing wrong with watching American Idol when you come home from work, or challenging your online friends to a round of League of Legends—but this leisure strategy only works if you're satisfied with your practice and don't feel the need to make any major changes. If you want to grow your business, though, you're going to have to challenge yourself in all areas of your life.

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