Working With Your Legal Website Webmaster (Part B)

Choosing a Good Legal Website Webmaster

Your website webmaster doesn't have to specialize in legal website development, but it does help! When choosing a website webmaster, taking a look at their portfolio of work is a tremendous help. In the same way that client testimonials and case results tell your prospective clients how you operate as a lawyer, a website webmaster's portfolio gives you an idea of the kind of websites they work with.

Try to choose a website webmaster with experience in other legal websites, or at least professional businesses.
You need to work with someone who is familiar with SEO and content management, as well as one who can provide appropriate design services. You don't want a website webmaster who can only do cartoony, stylized websites if you're looking for a professional legal website.

Things Your Website Webmaster Should Do For You

When developing your legal website, there are some requirements you should look for in the services your website webmaster offers. You may not have the time to do a lot of work on your legal website yourself, but you should have the ability to do so if you can. Your website webmaster should provide you with an easy system to update and add content-articles, blogs, and video-to your legal website.

The analytics and statistics about who is coming to your website and how they landed there should also be a point of discussion between you and your website webmaster. Knowing the keywords and key phrases that work for search engines to rank your website is important when writing your content. This is how your clients are finding your legal website and you need to capitalize on it in every way.

Many website webmasters brag about being able to get you thousands of page hits per month to your legal website but these are all useless if they're not converting into clients.
There are several misleading tactics that can be used to drive up web traffic. While more site hits are good, they're not worth anything if they're not the ideal clients you're looking for.

Your website webmaster should not only be able to help increase your site traffic, but make those new page views come from clients who are actually interested in your legal services.
Therefore, the website webmaster needs to understand what your practice does and how to develop your keywords and content to help bring those interested clients to your legal website.

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