Can Your Website Do These Four Things?

Can your website do these four things and bring more clients to your law firm?Too many lawyers assume that because they have their name, phone number, and practice areas listed on some website somewhere, that the clients will come running. This is no longer true, and this is the great fallacy behind FindLaw and 

You have to begin thinking about your website as another form of marketing. And the goal of that marketing should be to drive the client to your funnel. The website is another way to establish yourself as an expert in the field and make it easier for you to convert users into clients. Take a good look at your website (from the perspective of someone shopping for a lawyer) and ask if it does that. If it doesn’t, the reason is probably that your site doesn’t let you do one or more of these four things.

  1. You should be able to add content easily. I’m talking about being able to upload pages of information on your own – articles, blogs, etc. – without having to call your webmaster, wait for him to do it, and pay him extra. Does the platform that hosts your website let you quickly and easily add content? And are you actually doing it?
  2. Can you bring your offline newsletter online? This is another form of cheap content. You’ve already created a newsletter that you’ve sent out to everyone in your database (and hopefully you’re sending it by U.S. mail and not e-mail), why are you wasting that document by not placing it on your website? When you convert it to a PDF and upload it to your website, you give the Google Spiders more and more content to look at, and you move your website closer to the top of the search results.
  3. Does your website trap user contact information and send it automatically to your database? When someone visits your site and gives you their information, you should not have to do a thing for their information to make it into your mailing software. If your website is just creating more work for you, it is not doing its job.
  4. Can your webmaster put a video on your website? Having a video on your website is the next step to having clients who walk into your office ready to hire you. On top of the articles, books, and testimonials that you’ve sent them, now they can see you speak and hear how knowledgeable you are about that area of the law.  Most of us don’t trust someone until we’ve actually heard them speak. Video on your site is essential.
Ben Glass
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