Working With Your Legal Website Webmaster (Part A)

Chances are very good that you're not a website designer or developer. That's why most lawyers hire the services of a professional website webmaster to handle the design and maintenance of their legal website. Forming a good relationship and open dialogue with your website webmaster is a key part of Internet success.

What does a website webmaster do?

Your legal website is a combination of art design, functionality code and content. Without these parts, you're not reaching the full potential of what your legal website can do for your Internet presence. Your website webmaster may not perform all these duties personally, but they will be the main go-to person for getting all aspects handled.A website webmaster should be knowledgeable in the development, maintenance and promotion of legal websites. They're the person you contact when new content needs to be added, something isn't working correctly or you need to know how well your search engine rankings are performing.

How your website webmaster handles all these tasks is up to the individual. Many webmasters outsource the graphics creation to web artists who specialize in those types of projects. Web designers may also be contacted to construct the navigation and layout of your legal website. Content managers are also commonly contracted to write the content if you are too busy or unable to do it yourself.

Don't Be Afraid of Your Website Webmaster

The world of legal website development and maintenance can be a confusing one. Just as a website webmaster shouldn't be expected to understand all aspects of the legal field, you shouldn't be expected to know all the website jargon and technical background about web development.

A good website webmaster will understand that you are a lawyer, not a webmaster.
They should be able to explain the details of your legal website and its inner workings in terms you are familiar with.

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