The Benefits of Running a Quality Marketing Campaign

It’s no secret that being a successful lawyer or running a successful law firm takes a lot of hard work and dedication. After years of college and law school, taking and passing the bar exam, finding a job, and eventually starting your own law firm, you know that getting into a position of success is no accident.

So, now that you are running for a law firm, or at least running a marketing campaign for a law firm, why waste time that you could be putting towards some other aspect of your life or career? Creating a successful marketing campaign shouldn’t take sixty hours a week or cut into other parts of your career.

How A Great Lawyer Marketing Campaign Should WorkA different approach to marketing can mean marketing that is more successful—which can mean a more successful life. There are plenty of other benefits of running a good campaign, as well. Less time marketing means less time in the office, which means more time out of the office, of course.

Here are a few other benefits of a good marketing strategy:

  • Sets you apart from other lawyers whose ad space is right next to yours, who are offering the same free consultation. 
  • Shows, and doesn’t tell. A good strategy can show the people that you are the experienced, quality lawyer without having to shove it in their face. 
  • Attracts the A-list clients that you want to work with and the B-level clients that you don’t mind, while avoiding the C- and D-level clients that aren’t worth your time.
  • Increases the value of each case you take on, which means that you don’t have to work long nights and weekends taking care of the clients that won’t net you the compensation you deserve.
Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.