When you hand your business card to a prospective client, you don’t need to explain what business you’re in. Your card states that you’re an attorney, and you are offering legal services. However, the difference between what you do and what you are selling makes a huge difference in your law firm’s marketing campaign—and therefore in the overall success of your business.

The best marketing for lawyers operates on the principle that you are not selling legal services. All attorneys wish to sign clients, so that doesn’t make you different from anyone else. What you are selling is YOU.

Consider how this perspective will change your legal marketing strategy:

  • You are the product. Most people assume that lawyers are interchangeable; they all took the same classes in law school and knew an equivalent amount about the law. The people who hire you will assume that you are qualified, so you don’t need to waste any ad space detailing your accomplishments. They will hire you if they like you as a person: your personality, your values, your speaking style—anything that distinguishes you from other attorneys is your selling point.
  • Your name is the brand. Attorneys often become so focused on “branding” their businesses that they lose sight of what the brand actually means. The key is to make your name synonymous with your specific practice type in your area. Consider the difference between a lawyer who floods the market with expensive, generalized ads, and one who identifies a niche market and dominates it. The second attorney is not only more likely to attract customers, but they are also more likely to be the clients he wants to take.The truth about brand marketing for attorneys.
  • Your face is the logo. You want your website to stand out, not look like every other attorney page out there. Don’t waste time designing a logo with scales of justice or a picture of a courtroom: your face is the logo. Just as your name is prominently featured, you should have a clickable video (starring you) right on the front page of your website, letting people get to know you immediately.

Refocusing your marketing message not only attracts the clients you want, but it also tightens your advertising budget so that less money is wasted—both of which mean a more profitable business.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.