Do I Need A Staff? What Do I Need To Start My Bankruptcy Firm?

Under the GLM Consumer Bankruptcy Marketing and Practice Coaching

Program, there are only four things that you'll need to do to start bringing more money into your office immediately.


First, you'll make specific changes to your marketing message and I'll give you the exact templates to follow.


Second, you'll make specific small and I emphasize small, changes to your office and you're not going to upset your staff by doing these things, don't worry about that.


Third, your prospective clients are going to receive a package that will change their view of bankruptcy lawyers and their need to shop around among lawyers. People request the package thinking they need to shop, they're going to contact your office for an appointment realizing not only do they not need to shop, but they need to work with you and will have already said yes.


The best part and the easiest part of this is that your client will then look at you and ask why wouldn't they go forward. And you will be thrilled to tell them that you can't think of a single reason why. Finally, the fourth thing is you make a very small change in the way you set their second appointment to ensure the greatest percentage of people are coming back and actually getting their cases filed.


Once you put in play these simple processes, you won't feel as if you're selling anything

at all. You will be helping people make the very best decision for their family with clarity and confidence and you'll naturally increase your income while at the same time engaging more clients, which will allow you to work less. I've put the whole thing together for you in the GLM Consumer Bankruptcy Marketing and Practice Coaching Program. All you have to do is learn the secrets that I'm going to teach you and you will be on your way to building the practice you dream of.


Do I need a staff to implement this Program?


No, this is not a Program you even need staff for. If you want to do everything yourself, I

don't think it's a great idea because I think you can make a lot more money by hiring someone to help you, but if you want to do it all by yourself, you absolutely can and with this Program you'll learn in no time at all.


Included in the Program, you also have all of the forms scripts and packages that we use with our clients. You will get the whole package of what we send the clients before they get to our office, what they see when they show up, what the attorney carries into the meeting so that she has every single tool that she'll need during the initial consultation experience to move the prospects quickly and clearly from uncertainty to educated to making the best decision for their family, which of course is to hire you.


OK, that sounds great, what do I need to do to get started?


I previously mentioned in this letter that you would need to qualify for this Coaching Program so this is certainly not for everyone ...

First, don't join if you have little or no money to spend on your marketing education.  Membership in GLM should be an investment in yourself, not another painful ding on your credit card.  This program is best suited for the good bankruptcy attorney who is getting his head beat in by schleps who can afford better marketing - in other words, someone who can use what we teach to get a whole lot better.  Our program is also for you if indeed you are already the wise man or woman at the top of the mountain but are concerned that anyone with a semi-decent website can learn enough to knock you down from the mountain at any time.

Second, you're gaining entrance into an elite group of Attorney Marketers who make working ON their businesses a priority and by the nature of the program and ongoing support; you will need to do the same.  It is our intention to provide you with the tools, information, systems, strategies, tactics and mindset to grow your practice to its full potential.  This isn't like anything you've ever experienced. It's an innovative approach that's already delivering amazing results for law firms like yours and lawyers like you and me.

If you're ready to build the practice you've always wanted, with more high quality, high income cases, then this Bankruptcy Law Niche Coaching Program delivered in conjunction with the Great Legal Marketing Coaching Program is for you.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.