A Review of Great Legal Marketing - What Ben Glass Can't Do For You

First, I don't have the magic bullet. I don't have the one thing that you can do to change your practice overnight. There are those who promise this, but I can tell you they don't have it, either.

What I do teach is a sophisticated, multi-faceted approach to transforming the ordinary law practice into something extraordinary. As I've hinted at above, marketing is a huge piece of this puzzle but its just one piece. The very best marketing in the world hand delivered to someone who doesn't get the big picture and isn't willing to work hard to improve their lot in life is worthless.

Second, I can't turn losers into winners. I've tried. It doesn't work, ever. So if you think that by attending one of my conferences to "scratch your itch" about marketing but you are a defeated inside, then forget about it. Don't come up to me telling me that "this doesn't work," or "we tried that once and it didn't work" or "my spouse or law partner will never let me to THAT." If this is the way you think, you are a loser. I can't help you. Sorry.

Third, don't come to my conference is in doing so you are spending your last dime. I just don't get it that someone would fly across the country, hang out with us for two days and then say that they don't have any money to spend on marketing, websites and coaching programs. Go the state bar program! It's cheaper. They will tell you free things that you can do like get on more committees, take other people's crappy cases and just "get your name out there."

Look, virtually everyone wants change. Who wouldn't want "a better practice" or "more money" or "more 'A' clients?" No one says they don't want this, but very few will do the work involved. I work very well with lawyers who are committed to change, but I also realize that we are talking about, at most, 10% of lawyers. We are talking about the winners. An elite minority. I have steadfastly resisted dumbing down my message to meet the needs of the masses.

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