What is Great Legal Marketing? A system? A product? A template?

A question that we often get asked is: what exactly is this Great Legal Marketing program?

Let me start by telling you what Great Legal Marketing (GLM) is not.

GLM is not a product (though we do sell 'products') and it is not a templated website (in fact, GLM does not sell any websites at all). We refer all website work to Foster Web Marketing.

GLM is both a system of marketing and a membership program.

Over the years Ben Glass went from marketing his VIrginia personal injury law practice in the 'traditional way' (Free Consultation, No Fee if No Recovery, We Care for You) where he was beating his head against a wall to learning from other great marketers across many different industries that there was a better way to market and build a law practice.

While GLM started as a program for personal injury lawyers, it quickly grew programs for lawyers in many consumer law niches, and we have specific programs and coaches in bankruptcy, DUI/traffic, family law and probate and estate planning.

First, GLM is a marketing system. You will learn foundational principles of marketing that can be and have been applied to any law practice in an ethical, effective way. This system begins with YOU understanding who YOUR perfect client is and then developing marketing messages that "speak" to that potential client no matter where that client is on their "moving parade of interest" concerning your legal services. Our programs also teach you how to become a person of influence and respected authority in your market niche.

Once you understand the foundational principles upon which great marketing for a law firm is built, you can then apply many of the tools that we suggest (websites, newsletters, blogs, print, radio and TV advertising) to market and build your practice.

GLM is definitely not a 'magic purple pill' or new 'shiny object' that will double your reveneues overnight. That, frankly, is what the marketing vultures will sell you. (They say "buy my new widget/app/facebook trick/SEO scam and thousands of new potential clients will be driven to you.)

We say: "B.S."

GLM as Membership:

Now, the really cool part of all of this is the GLM membership.

Do you want to hang out with highly ethical, entrepreneurial lawyers who are not only good lawyers but are icons in their communities and heroes to their families?

Hang with us. Each month, depending on your level of membership (Gold, Coaching or Mastermind) you recieve the latest in ideas, tips, strategies both from other GLM members and from experts from inside and outside the legal marketing world. At our highest level of membership there are a select group of area exclusive attorneys who support each other, trade 'insider' secrets and generally try to 'one up' each other with fantastic marketing, referal and practice building programs.

I can tell you that there is no other group of attorneys in America who are so devoted to and willing to insure each others' succes as my mastermind group.

All memberships are billed monthly, usually on or near the first of the month.

Here are what some of our members  and conference attendees say about our marketing program:

Jonathan Cooper

Moses Galleon

Gerry Oginski

Ross Jurewitz

Rick Shapiro

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