What’s It About? Online Video Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers

In order to take full advantage of the many opportunities online lawyer video marketing provides, you want to be sure the videos you produce are capable of making an effective connection with prospective clients. If not, you’ve plunged a lot of valuable resources into a small law firm marketing campaign that won’t work for you.

Your first impulse may be to make a video that presents your qualifications, history, and expertise in a sort of a video resume for potential clients. We’ve found that videos like this don’t tend to be successful, and there’s a good reason for that: prospective clients assume that, as a practicing lawyer with a website, you are sufficiently qualified to perform your job.

A new client’s first priority, whether he knows it or not, is finding an attorney who can help him:
  • Understand exactly what his case is; and 
  • Find the best way to improve the odds of winning it. 

Viewers want to know if you are the right attorney for them. 
How they’ll determine that is by observing the sort of information you convey and how successfully you convey it. Laundry lists of achievement go stale, fast.

What you need to do in your online attorney videos is make a connection.
So instead of a video resume, try:
  • Explaining what happens during a lawsuit. Being up front about the process will not only ease some of a prospective client’s anxieties, it will mean you’ll be able to focus more on the client’s case during the initial consultation.
  • Presenting an overview of specific injuries that frequently come up in litigation. A video will afford you the opportunity to work with visual aids.
  • Exposing potential issues that might help clients realize they have a case, such as describing the federal safety restrictions truck drivers must uphold, or revealing potential design problems in vehicles that could lead to greater injury,
  • Giving helpful tips for dealing with insurance adjusters after an accident.

Any video you produce for your website should go back to the basic idea of serving your clients, and that means educating them about their case from the very first click.

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