Not Enough Time or Resources for Personal Injury Attorney Marketing?

Even for big, well-established firms, personal injury attorney marketing can be a tremendously time-consuming affair. Most attorneys are so busy trying to keep all their plates spinning, and as a result, they fail to attend to their marketing projects enough. The firm then faces ongoing cash flow crises, “bad client” issues, internal bureaucracy and friction, and worse.

While most attorneys acknowledge that they could use better marketing, those same attorneys often blame their law firm marketing problems on a lack of resources or time or energy. “I'm just too busy!” goes the common refrain. 

This is an understandable point of view. But it’s also somewhat nonsensical. Every law firm—indeed, every business—is constrained by resources and time. But the constraint holding you back from building the firm that you want almost certainly has to do with your own innovativeness and behavior.

Yes, it would be lovely if you could invest an extra $3,000 or $4,000 a month for radio spots or advertisements or a legal website makeover. But perhaps you can’t. Instead of giving up, consider alternative solutions. How can you achieve what you want to achieve, given the realities of your situation: your time constraints, your money constraints, and your knowledge constraints?

The answers to your law firm marketing dilemmas are going to come from thinking better, not from suddenly acquiring brand new resources. You need to be building and developing your marketing knowledge.

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