Lack of Systems Could be Destroying Your Law Firm

In your daily life there are probably things that you naturally do in a certain order. Take the way you wake up for example; when you get out of bed, you go to brush your teeth, take a shower, pick out what you’ll be wearing that day, make your coffee and so on.

This is probably a routine that you have created over months or even years of doing the same thing each day. You have found the best way to start your morning and you adhere to that almost every time you wake up.

See, the reason that systems are such a critical part of life is because it takes out the question of what you should be doing. There is little room for error because what is to be done has already been decided.

You probably already have a system for how you handle client meetings, intake, case reviews and maybe even more, but do you have a system for

  • Getting referrals
  • Collecting reviews
  • Social media sharing
  • Follow up

Systems to Help Your Law FirmWhen you think about everything in your office that has a system,  you should start to think about the things that don’t have a system. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Would this item benefit from having a system in place?
  2. Could I create a system based off of how I want this to be carried out?
  3. If I create a system, could I then teach my staff the system so that they can do it?

Each system should have what you want to accomplish, the steps to get there, and what the final result should be. If you have a system for creating reviews, for example, you could ask your staff to get reviews from people they interact with. Without this system in place, you could be losing potentially great reviews.

Say a client has called the office with a simple question that your assistant can answer without having to ask you. In this scenario, you don’t get to speak with the client and therefore you cannot ask them for a review.

If your assistant knows the system, then she can follow through and potentially get a coveted 5-star review for your law firm.

Ben Glass
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