Why Blogging Generates Traffic (Part B)

You can write a million entries in your lawyer blog and get no return on your efforts if you're not effectively using your lawyer blog in your overall legal marketing strategy. A good lawyer blog: funnels your clients to your main website; is easily navigated and sorted; is a quick read; and helps boost your main site's traffic and ranking with in-links.

Lawyer Blogs Make Google Happy

One of the best ways to drive up your legal website's traffic is by maintaining your lawyer blog
. Every time you post an entry, the Google spiders (the method that Google uses to comb the Internet) see that as a piece of fresh content.

Because you're hopefully blogging about topics relevant to your practice, your latest blog entry should already be filled with keywords that will appeal to your ideal client and the search engines.

Your lawyer blog should also be integral in your legal marketing strategy by always leading your readers to other facets of your marketing efforts. Your blogs should link back to your main website's articles, videos, and contact page whenever it's appropriate.

Blogs should not function as a blatant sales plug, but they should motivate your reader to take a further action such as visiting another relevant article in your library.

Ben's Tips for Blogging

My general strategy for a good lawyer blog is as follows: 

  • Be interesting - Scan the local and national news for issues raised in your practice areas, then talk about them.
  • Be redundant - Always think about how your blog entry can relate back to an article on your main website and provide a link to that content.
  • Be a tease - Use creative, catchy titles to entice the reader to look at your entry and use that entry to entice them to read your whole article.
  • Be open - Allow comments from your readers and invite open discussion by asking questions. But don't start a conversation and leave the room; monitor comments and post replies.

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