Now that your firm’s website is up and running, you may be tempted to think that your venture into “new media” is over. You realize that a website is necessary for every business, but extending your marketing into social media and other online avenues is just a fad (not to mention a hassle).

This way of thinking is a huge mistake—and a great way for your firm to lose both profits and exposure. Done properly, a multimedia campaign can be done both cheaply and effectively, and with relatively little effort on your part.

Here are just a few reasons your personal injury attorney marketing should extend across many media platforms:

  • It’s cheaper. While paper ads are printed and forgotten, your online videos and social media accounts are a constant, easily-amended presence that will cost you nothing to use—with the bonus that your potential client reach is limitless.
  • It’s different. The public’s common exposure to attorney marketing is usually nothing more than dark music, a threatening tone, and a phone number. Unlike print media, there are no restrictions to how many words your law firm can use online, allowing you to ditch other attorney’s method of a 30-second “hard sell” of vague promises and free consultations.Your lawyer marketing should include many platforms.
  • It’s informative. Now that you have all the room in the world to promote your firm online, you need to use it wisely. By stuffing your website with informative blogs and news articles that appeal to your ideal client, you are establishing yourself as the attorney in your practice area (without your having to say so).
  • It’s interactive. How many people you know would rather watch a video than read an article? How many are likelier to use social media to share stories than print a paper copy to hand out to friends? Technology makes it easy for your customers to access your content using their preferred method (Facebook, email, Twitter), increasing the odds that they will do so.
  • It’s exclusive. Print, radio, and TV ads can be seen by anyone, but your site is more likely to be accessed by people who are actually seeking your services. All of your accounts should be search engine-optimized to draw in the clients you want and ward off those cases you don’t want to take.

If your multimedia strategy is effective, the benefits go well beyond your bottom line. You will also be serving the clients you want to help, allowing you to optimize your caseload for the maximum work-life balance.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.