Why Videos Are Vital to Your Online Success (Part A)

YouTube isn't just for silly pet videos and clips of people singing their favorite Britney Spears tune; it's a must-have tool in your legal marketing plan. Online video has made huge advances in the way we create and share content, and a lawyer video series is one of the newest ways we're finding to promote our law firms.

The legal video world owes a great deal to my friend, Gerry Oginski, a New York lawyer. Realizing that most video producers don't have a deep understanding of what potential clients look for, Gerry launched The Lawyers' Video Studio to provide free tutorials and video production services. I'll offer you some of the advice that he has shared with me.

Benefits of Lawyer Videos

You don't need a production crew and editing studio to crank out a quality lawyer video. Online video is one of the cheapest, most effective ways to introduce yourself to thousands of new clients at once. The reach of your lawyer video is so vast that it can be one of the most cost-effective parts of your legal marketing strategy.

What are the real benefits of becoming a video celebrity on the Internet?


  • Clients get to see and hear you - Text can only tell you so much about a person. Giving your clients the opportunity to "know" you before a meeting will establish a level of comfort ahead of time.
  • Clients are familiar with you - After seeing a celebrity on TV and film enough times, you become familiar with their image and voice. Imagine already having this familiarity with your clients before they walk in your door.
  • Clients can see your confidence - Having a confident, knowledgeable lawyer is one of a client's biggest concerns. While your website articles and blogs can convey knowledge, text does not convey confidence and authority the way a lawyer video can.
  • Clients want to learn - Educational or instructional videos online are becoming more and more popular as they replace dry "how-to" articles. A client would much rather watch a lawyer video about the lawsuit process than read a long article explaining it.


Effective Legal Marketing with Lawyer Video

Lawyer videos can tie into many other aspects of your legal marketing strategies. YouTube is one of the easiest, most popular ways to share online video and it will cost you nothing for the use of the service. Your lawyer videos should always include a way to contact you, whether it be your phone number on the screen or leading your clients back to your website.

You shouldn't rely on lawyer videos as a one-shot deal however. Instead, you should integrate your videos with other aspects of your legal marketing strategy. Have your lawyer video expand on a topic you've previously written on and invite your clients to check out your website for more information on the subject. Better yet, show them how to order a FREE copy of your book/CD/DVD in your lawyer video.

Speaking of your DVD, lawyer videos don't just have to come into existence online. If you've already produced a DVD, get those segments on the Internet! If you haven't yet gone the lawyer video route, this is the perfect time to let your legal marketing do double duty. Online video can be later compiled to a DVD to offer your clients.

Keep reading for information on good lawyer video content and why seeing is believing when it comes to client perception.

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