Why Videos Are Vital to Your Online Success (Part B)

One of the reasons that television continues to dominate the advertising market is because many people would rather watch and hear than read. The introduction of the Internet as a legal marketing tool turned the tables a bit, with most websites relying heavily on text to convey information.

Now We Can Have TV on Our PC

Aside from the fact that actual broadcast TV is available on your computer, I'm more concerned with the fact that we can now place our commercials on our websites. Your lawyer videos should be legal marketing tools disguised as valuable information to your clients.

Think of it as an infomercial. You produce a video on "What not to say in a deposition" and at the end, make sure your viewers know how to contact you for personal assistance in their case.

Why It's Important to Be Seen

Let's face it; there are still plenty of people who hold on to the negative stereotypes of lawyers. The sleazy ambulance-chaser that's poked fun at in cartoons and sitcoms is still associated with our trade today. Fortunately, there are some more recent drama shows to help give a better spin on the legal profession.

The media is the cause of, and becoming the solution to, the lawyer's image problem

If a client has never hired a lawyer, they're going to only be able to go by what they've heard from friends and seen in the media as their opinion of how a lawyer acts. Wouldn't it be nice to have them form this opinion based on your actual persona? A lawyer video allows you to come across as the human being you are, and not a punch line to a worn-out party joke.

Clients can see your actual office, listen to you and become familiar with how you act and speak. Suddenly, you're no longer a stranger; you can cut some of the tension typically experienced at a first client meeting by pre-introducing yourself through your lawyer videos.

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