How Staying Relevant Means Getting Clients

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a law firm marketing strategy is working effectively, because no one hires a lawyer as an impulse after seeing a good advertisement. This isn’t the battle of national soft drink companies, where people will make the choice. They will hire a lawyer only when they need one, so the main principle of successful lawyer marketing is staying relevant to potential clients so that when they do need a lawyer, you’re the law firm they will look to.

So when the potential clients do end up needing a lawyer, why are they going to call you? It’s because of the groundwork you’ve put in over time and the fact that you’re invested in the clients, regardless of whether or not they need a lawyer.

Here are three reasons why they will call you when they need a lawyer:

  • You’ve built the trust. People don’t really look forward to talking with lawyers. That’s part of the territory, and you’ve known the jokes forever. But with constant communication through newsletters and e-mails, you’ve replaced skepticism with trust and the idea that you know what you’re doing and you care. How you can stay in the minds of your referral sources and former clients.
  • You’ve kept your name relevant. No matter how far down the line it might be, if you’re done the groundwork the way you should, your name will be at the top of their list when they start looking for a lawyer. With consistent marketing, potential clients won’t have the chance to forget your name for long at all, and when they need you, they’ll remember you.
  • You’ve built loyalty. When you follow through with clients and follow up with potential clients, you show that you’re interested and invested in the people instead of just the business. Whether it’s the people you keep in contact with, or the people that they refer because of your investment in their lives and wellbeing, people understand that personal investment goes a long way.
Ben Glass
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