Your Legal Business Will Suffer if You Don’t Have a Free Offer at Your Fingertips

The free consultation was once the gold standard of legal marketing. It was a risk-free way to draw clients in and make yourself seem like the ideal attorney for their problem. It didn’t take long for all attorneys to offer this service. In fact, they were likely to lose business if they didn’t, giving the consultation-ready firms an advantage.

The problem is, it’s been years since this practice was adopted—and once everyone has an advantage, nobody does.

At Ben Glass legal marketing, we know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve to bring in more legal clients than the competition. That is why it is vital that your firm be ready to engage with the customer via a free, irresistible offer that they can send for or download immediately.

Here are five reasons your free offer is worth more than a free consultation:

  1. It’s personal You have probably already learned how to streamline your practice to appeal to only your ideal clients. By writing a report that speaks directly to that client, you are giving your customer something tailor-made for his situation.
  2. It’s compelling. Your customer isn’t likely to find the answers to all of his or her questions anywhere else, and since your information is free, it gives your prospects two really good reasons to initiate contact with you.
  3. It allows them to keep shopping. After reading dozens of attorney websites that offer only a consultation and a phone number, customers often find it comforting to be able to get information without signing a contract.Why a free offer attracts more clients than a free consultation.
  4. It allows them to stay anonymous. We live in an impersonal age where people do not want to pick up the phone (much less walk into an office) without doing a lot of research beforehand. Requesting a book is a low-key way to get started on a case, and is far less stressful than calling an attorney directly.
  5. It does your long-term marketing for you. If your free offer is available in print, it will continue to speak on your behalf long after your experience with the client is over (and is readily given to a friend or colleague in a similar situation).
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