A Strategy to Get Things Done

I'm going to let you in on my personal secret right now for dealing with being overwhelmed with ideas. When I'm coming back from one of my Jumpstart Conferences or a mastermind group, I take that travel time to look at my lists of ideas. After prioritizing and organizing, I think about my legal marketing and what needs to be done to improve my legal business.

Then I choose 3 ideas.  Just 3.

I could have hundreds of ideas between my head, notebooks and scrap papers. But I only pick 3. Why 3? Think about it. If I tried to accomplish every single idea on my plate, I'd never get anything done. Even after organizing and prioritizing there's no single answer to where to begin. So I pick my top 3 that I feel will benefit my legal business and legal marketing the most.

Even if you could find a starting point, by the time you worked through all those ideas, you'd be at your next Great Legal Marketing event getting more ideas. Remember that you have a legal business to run, too, and I'm sure your family likes to see you in person once in a while.

What to Do With Those 3 Ideas

Once you've got those 3 ideas picked out, and I would suggest having them in 3 different aspects of your legal business or legal marketing methods, you make a commitment. Commit to implementing these 3 ideas within your legal business in the next 90 days. You can start all 3 at once if you have the resources to do so, or you can stagger them: do one in the first month, the second the next month and so on.

When you have those 3 great ideas churning up new clients, better legal business practices, and great legal marketing methods, you can go back to your lists. Pick another 3, repeat. I can't tell you why 3 is such a good number for this method, but history shows that the number 3 has been significant throughout time, and I guess legal marketing is no exception.

Getting Your Law Firm Started on the Path to Great Legal Marketing

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