How to Use Others (And Not Feel Bad About It) (Part B)

Professional Networking with Other Industries

Don't think that your legal networking begins and ends with lawyers. It pays to know good people in several professions, because you never know when someone who trusts your legal advice will ask for your advice on another matter.

People do this all the time; they ask their friends and family, whose opinions and knowledge they trust, to recommend a good professional. When your clients trust your legal expertise and they're one of your raving fans, they'll trust your opinion on other matters. 

One of the great partnerships I've seen is personal injury lawyers who use professional networking with successful doctors. Suddenly they're co-authoring books with actual medical experts. They've got a direct source of medical information to help them with their cases. They've found another office to leave a few of their newsletters in the waiting room.

Your legal networking can and should go beyond other lawyers.
Just as you should be looking to other professionals for legal marketing ideas, you can learn a lot from people in other industries.

It works both ways as well. Professionals in other service industries chat with their clients all the time about random life matters, and you never know when a client may mention their need for legal services. Wouldn't you like to be the first lawyer that comes to mind with your professional networking contacts?

Spread The Word

Use your legal networking contacts to create a professional networking circle of marketing. Just like chambers of commerce or business associations, you can create an unofficial group of energetic, successful professionals who are all willing to lend their referrals to you and each other. When one wins, everyone wins.

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