Connecting with Your Competitors (Part A)

You know the old saying "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"? That holds true for legal marketing, but it's a bit harsh use the word ‘enemy' to describe your lawyer competitors. You shouldn't actually think of your local competing attorneys as enemies, but rather as tools that can boost your legal marketing efforts - if you know how to play your cards right.

It's Hard to Hate A Nice Guy

If you look at my website you'll notice that I have a nice list of my lawyer competitors and links to their websites. You're probably wondering why I'd do something that crazy - it's practically throwing business out the window! I must be losing clients left and right.

Not true! I know very well I can't take every case that crosses my desk, and that there are also plenty of good cases out there. I'm doing my clients a service by providing them with options, especially if I have to turn them down for representation. Many times when I can't take a case for whatever reason, I hand the client off to one of my lawyer competitors.

What this does is extend a truce between you and your fellow personal injury attorneys (or whatever area of law you practice). It's hard to hate someone who hands you business. You can become the Switzerland amongst the other local lawyers in your practice area.

So how does this play into my legal marketing? It's part image, part strategy. By showing I'm not afraid to acknowledge my lawyer competitors, I show a confident image. Linking out to my competitors' websites, who are successful lawyers themselves, shows the search engines that I'm connected to other relevant content, thus boosting my own search engine rankings. It's a win-win situation.

Speaking of showing a confident image, that's part of the reason you want to acknowledge your competition. When you're proclaiming yourself as the best, it's hard to show it if you don't have anyone to compare yourself to. Part of becoming the legal guru in your practice area is being able to show you're better than other attorneys. Keep reading to see how you can accomplish this without getting nasty.

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