Four Ways to Keep Your Law Firm’s Newsletter Fun and Interesting

If you’re staring at last month’s newsletter wondering what in the world to write about this month, you’re not alone. Plenty of attorneys dread composing new content for their readers every month—and if you hate writing it, chances are your customers are going to hate reading it.Running out of newsletter ideas for your law firm? Use this tips to generate new topics for your newsletter.

If you’re fresh out of legal newsletter ideas, try a few of these tactics:

  1. Shift the focus. Feel like you’re rambling on about your firm? Write about someone, or something, else. Is there a local community event you will be attending, or a sporting event you’re looking forward to? Did someone in your town recently achieve a major milestone? Show that you are interested and involved in your community (and not afraid to step out of the limelight).
  2. Post the highlights. If you’ve been reading our tips regularly, you’ve got a blog full of timely information for your readers. Grab the most highly-read or controversial posts and summarize them for your contacts in the newsletter, and of course, make sure to point them back to your website for more information.
  3. Add pictures. People are visual creatures. They want to see who they interact with, even if they have never formally met. Your customers will also want to do business with people they like, so don't be afraid to include snapshots of your kids or family. You want to appear competent and professional, but you are also a human being; post some vacation photos or sporting pictures of your hobbies. Building familiarity and showing your personality will benefit your business.
  4. Switch the format. Don’t be afraid to change things up every once in a while. Play around with the templates on your computer for a fresh look, or send a large format postcard instead of a leaflet. Recently been on vacation? Send out a “wish you were here” card with a photo of you and your family having a good time.
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