Marketing Through the Yellow Pages Can Still Work

These days when people need any piece of information, a large majority of the time they’re going to find it through the Internet. That’s not lost on anyone, the fact that you can find everything you want to know, and things you don’t want to know, online. And a majority of advertising dollars are being pulled from the written word and poured into online marketing. But completely ignoring such a vast medium of possibly successful marketing could be irresponsible, depending on the type of clients you’re seeking.

The phone book is almost a dead medium, but it’s not dead yet. Hotels usually don’t stock the yellow pages, but generally offer free Wi-Fi for any of your informational needs. Many people today would consider anything written over six months ago dangerously out of date, whether it’s a phone number or advertisements. But this is not to say you should ignore such a large pool of potential future clients. There are plenty of people who still get their information from the classic book of phone numbers, and they may need lawyers sooner or later.

One of the reasons that marketing through the Yellow Pages can be successful is the fact that so many law firms are actually pulling out themselves! If seven out of ten lawyers pull their ads, then that leaves only three other competitors in that medium for the people who do still use it. Those are some pretty good odds for the remaining law firms.

There are some important things to keep in mind if you’re going to advertise in the Yellow Pages. Mainly, the ad should sell your company or law firm. Don’t have gavels or eagles or anything else that looks like you just pasted your name over another law firm’s ad. A good headline will bring in the potential clients and keep them there. After that, get a conversation going. Draw them in with information, and give them the opportunity to get more information from you. An irresistible offer—such as a free book, free part of a book, free DVD, or some sort of report with information they want and need—will guarantee your name will be remembered.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.