With Pay-Per-Click Advertising, You Can Reach Potential Clients in a Specific Geographical Area

One of the amazing things about the Internet is that your computer, tablet, or smartphone “knows” where you are at any given time, as does your Internet service provider. This doesn't mean these services keep the close tab on your whereabouts, but only that they know the rough geographical area from which you are accessing information—which is why, when you type a query into Google, you will get local search results without even asking for them. You, too, can use this geographical targeting to aid your law firm's pay-per-click advertising campaign!

You Can Geographically Target Your Prospective Client Base

In a pay-per-click advertising campaign, your law firm advertisements pop up when a user submits a query to Google. But it can't be just any user or any query; geographical targeting guarantees that your ad will only appear in two ways:

  • When the user types a specific geographical term into his search (which can be as specific as a small town, or as general as an entire state or major city); say, something like “Denver personal injury lawyer.”
  • When that user is actually within the geographical area, you have specified beforehand. For example, a person in New York searching on “Denver personal injury lawyer” won't see your ad, but someone elsewhere in the state of Colorado might.

The great thing about a geographically targeted pay-per-click campaign is that you only have to pay when a prospective client clicks on your ad—if that person in search of a Denver personal injury attorney scrolls down beneath your ad, and clicks on a search result, you haven't lost anything. For added effect, you can also specify that you want the address of your firm to show up in your ad, which will make you stand out from the competition and may trigger a click from the prospective client (if he happens to live near your office!)Geo-target your ideal client.

A Geographically Targeted Pay-Per-Click Campaign Can Be a Powerful Tool

Today, advertising and marketing on the Internet can be hyper-local—meaning you can pick and choose which prospective clients you want to reach, and only those who live in a specified geographical area.

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