Exceeding Expectations: One Simple “Free” Offer Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

Most people who end up on your website aren’t interested in how long you’ve been in business. They don’t care how much time you’ve spent on your webpages, or how many awards you’ve won.

They want to know two things: how you can help, and what it will cost.

To answer these questions, too many attorneys rely on the promise of a free consultation. They figure that all law firms are more or less the same, so they need to provide a service that will bring customers in the door. They don’t realize that a “free consultation” offer just reinforces the idea that all firms are the same because all law firms make that same offer.

After your customers have visited three or four attorney websites, they’re not going to be impressed by a complimentary consultation. They’re going to think, “Of course it’s free. It would be strange if it weren’t free.” The same goes for a “no-fee guarantee” and “no filing fees”—they’re so common that it does not give you any advantage in the market.

You need to go beyond these expectations with your law firm’s free offers. For example:You have more to offer potential clients than a 'free consultation.'

  • FREE information. This is something that should be provided in your website’s articles and blog posts. It should be interesting, emotionally engaging, and easily clickable to encourage the reader to stay on your site.
  • FREE guides. If done correctly, your site will have such a wealth of information that your readers cannot resist ordering your book to get the “insider” opinion about their type of case.
  • FREE interaction. Your website should have a “talk now” widget that allows your customers to contact a call line at any time. Starting a conversation with you should always be free, but you also need to make it easy—so easy they’d be foolish not to do it.

Remember: the point of your legal web marketing is not to match the competition; it’s to get in front of it. When you offer things that other attorneys don’t, you’re giving your readers—who have likely been staring at tons of similar sites—a reason to call you first.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.