Five Easy Tips to Remember When Writing Your Law Firm’s Legal Guide

Okay. You realize that writing a book for your clients is a great way to bring in business and improve your law firm’s web rankings. You’re ready to join the upper levels of online legal marketing by writing your own legal guide for your customers.

And now you’re sitting behind your computer screen, with no idea how to get started.

Don’t despair! All writers go through this, but the important thing is not to get overwhelmed. You may have a long journey ahead of you, and the only way to get through it is by taking a lot of small steps.

Here are five great tips to get you started, and keep you moving in the right direction:

  • Pick your subject. First, you need to know what you’re writing about. If you have a lot of different areas to your practice, narrow it down. Which ones do clients commonly request information on? Make a list of the most frequently asked questions; the practice area with the longest list is what your book should cover.Easy tips to jump start your law firm's book!
  • Find your time. You want to avoid seeing your book as a task to put off after your “real” work is done. The only way to do that is to write a little bit every day. Find one hour every day that you ONLY work on your book. The time limit keeps your mind focused and keeps your ideas on track. 
  • Set your tone. This isn’t a legal brief, and it isn’t a speech: it’s a guide for scared people who are going through harrowing times. Address the person reading the book as if he were someone in your family. Imagine you are having a direct conversation with him, explaining legal issues in a way that anyone, from an elderly parent to a younger cousin, can understand.
  • Keep it flowing. When you sit down to write, go back and reread the last few pages to get back into it. When you finish for the day, write one or two bullet points to cover in the next day’s writing while your mind is still “in the zone.”
  • Be prepared for dry spells. Always carry a notebook to jot down book ideas while you’re away from your desk. When you get stuck while writing, pull out the book for inspiration.

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