Whenever they're presented with a new, cutting-edge concept in marketing, many lawyers respond with what seems to be a reasonable objection: “The people in my town aren't like that; my practice is different, so your techniques won't work.”

You can't blame a lawyer for describing himself as “different;” that's a good attitude to take to life in general. But the fact is that people are people, a law firm is a law firm, and the same basic rules apply across a wider range of practices and locations than you might think!

All Potential Clients Are Wired in Pretty Much the Same Way

When they find themselves in a situation that requires the immediate advice of a lawyer, most people in the U.S. behave pretty much identically. Ninety percent of them will follow these same steps, in roughly the same order:

  • Your law firm is not as different as you think.Asking their existing lawyer, if they have one, whether he can handle the case, and if not, whether he can supply a referral
  • Asking friends, families, and co-workers for the name of a reliable lawyer
  • Doing a web search (say, typing “Nashville car accident attorney” into Google and seeing what comes up)
  • If they don't have access to a computer or smartphone, grabbing the nearest local Yellow Pages and looking up “lawyers.”
  • Remembering the name of a lawyer they happen to see advertising on TV or in the newspaper (this happens far less often than you'd expect)

As you might think, this whole process is driven by sheer self-interest, a basic human trait if ever there was one. This person is in an unexpected legal situation; he needs help, and he needs to find someone who can save his bacon. With some small differences (say, access to reliable broadband Internet connections), this psychological process unfolds the same way in New York as it does in Topeka, Kansas. So why insist that your practice is “different” when all your potential clients think the same way?

You're Not “Different” Enough to Avoid Good Marketing Techniques

At Great Legal Marketing, we know that our innovative lawyer marketing techniques have worked all across the United States, across all different demographic segments. Your practice isn't as different as you think it is, and you can benefit from these techniques every bit as much as a law firm three time zones away.

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