Establish Yourself as the Big Case Lawyer (Part B)

How many times have you or your staff groaned when hearing mention of a certain client's name? Why should you or your staff have to deal with a client they hate? It only serves to create a stressful work environment, and isn't your goal to work less, earn more, and enjoy life?

Happiness Is An Ideal Client

When you've been stressing on a difficult case do you ever find yourself asking, "Why the heck did I take this case in the first place?" You'll find yourself working with stressful cases because you didn't have your ideal client in mind when you accepted the case.

They told you in grade school that you are special and guess what, it's true. You are not just a lawyer, you are THE lawyer. You are the ideal lawyer for your ideal client, which means you get to be choosy about who that client is.

Working with clients that make you happy means not only an increase in the quality of your work, but also more satisfied clients. These are the clients that are more than happy to spread the word about their great lawyer.

Small Cases vs. Big Cases; The Bottom Line

Through my own experience I've noticed that the clients with small cases tend to be the ones who don't listen to advice and take up the most of my office's time. The big cases are the clients that keep me in mind when asked who they use for a lawyer, while small case clients throw your name away once their case is settled.

Don't fear that if you throw away some small cases that the big cases will never come along
. I wouldn't still be in business if that were true. For more examples of how to market for these big case clients, as well as building your ideal client base, request a FREE copy of my marketing CD and report!

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