Virginia DUI Attorney Bob Battle Gets Massive Free Publicity for His Work With Intoxilyzer

Posted on Apr 06, 2009
Virginia's best drunk driving, DUI attorney, Bob Battle, has recently had huge success in battling the Commonwealth's use of outdated intoxilyzers. When the press caught on, his phones lit up and his website visits soared.

It starts with being a great lawyer. But having great marketing skills adds to the impact.

Battle began by forcing the issue of the veracity of an intoxilyzer in Fairfax General District Court. When pushed against the wall, the government refused to allow Battle's expert to examine the machine, opting, instead to reduce the charges dramatically.

Bob then took his DUI Intoxilyzer argument to Goochland, Virginia and a judge there has permitted Battle's expert to examine the machine. I imagine that Battle is driving the Goochland prosecutor nuts.

From these arguments, and some well thought out public relations moves, Bob has appeared in a major regional newspaper and has been on local TV.

Congrats to Bob Battle for not only being Virginia's best DUI attorney but also for quality, ethical and effective marketing of his big wins in court.

By the way, people drive hundreds of miles to be represented by Bob and no, he doesn't do free consultations. He is the author of THE Virginia DUI/Drunk Driving Book.
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