Attorney Only Asset Protection Seminar--Evan Farr

Posted on May 10, 2009
Register for this free teleseminar now and you’ll discover how to supercharge your practice by offering your clients a simple-to-understand asset protection trust that will protect their assets from probate PLUS the financial devastation of lawsuits, divorce, etc. PLUS (and most importantly) the catastrophic expenses of nursing home long-term care . . .  and put an extra $70,000 per year in your pocket!

Why, you wonder, am I hosting this free teleseminar and giving away all this valuable information and my Special Report for free? There are two reasons. First, I truly want to share this vital information with all of my fellow estate planning and elder law attorneys because the tremendous lack of knowledge on this topic hurts all of us.  It hurts you because you’re not able to offer your clients what they really need; it hurts your clients because they’re not able to get from you what they need; and it hurts me because my clients are always asking “Why haven’t I ever heard about this before?  Why didn’t my old attorney tell me about this?”  Plus, there are millions of potential clients out there who can benefit from  this revolutionary knowledge, and I certainly can’t provide service to all of them. I’m doing all this for the same reason I teach frequent CLE courses on this topic – because I truly enjoy spreading the word so that all of the potential clients out there who need this service can be reached.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.