Great Legal Marketing thanks InfusionSoft for its kind donation to Love Without Boundaries

Posted on Feb 08, 2009
As many of you know, my wife, Sandi and I have a heart for China's orphans. In fact, 2 of our 7 children were adopted from China and later this year (2009) we will travel back to China to once again experience the gift of international adoption.

Our favorite non-proft group working in China is Love Without Boundaries. In January of 2009 I found out that this rather huge organization of international volunteers was doing its work in the back of spreadsheet.

That's right. Love Without Boundaries had no singe, effective database for keeping track of the children, its many donors and all of its workers.

Unbelievable. Here I was using some of the most powerful software ever invented for running and growing a small business, InfusionSoft, and I had not yet made the connection.

I quickly faxed a letter to one of the founders of InfusionSoft, Clate Mask, whom I had known for many years. Forty eight hours later InfusionSoft had agreed to donate its application to Love Without Boundaries.

This will be unbelievably effective because it will help free up the time of many to do more productive activities for the children.

I've been a raving fan of InfusionSoft for years. I am so excited that is has recently introduced several new versions that, frankly, are just about perfect for lawyers and other professionals running small businesses and learning to master the type of highly effective marketing that I teach at Great Legal Marketing.

Thanks InfusionSoft.

P.S. If you are a small business owner and you want to be a hero to your family, check out InfusionSofts double your Sales guarantee.
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